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Luxury Cars Club provided financing to first customer

Paphos, 10th of July 2019

TA MERI FINANCE PVT. LTD, a member of the international TA MERI GROUP and the brand owner of LUXURY CARS CLUB & FINANCING, provided financing to its first customer in Cyprus.


Car financing was provided for the purchase of a brand-new Maserati Levante from F.L.C. MODENA AUTOMOBILE LTD, an official Dealer of Maserati in Limassol, Cyprus. The repayment period of the financing provided is 2 years, with 0% down payment and a buy-back guarantee from the dealer.

In the beginning of July, Ta Meri Finance Pvt. Ltd signed a cooperation agreement with F.L.C. Modena Automobile Ltd. According to the agreement, Ta Meri Finance will be promoting the sales of new and used Maserati cars and will be providing financing solutions to customers of Maserati brand cars.


Within the cooperation frame, Ta Meri Finance will provide financing from 60 up to 350 thousand euro to Maserati cars buyers for a period up to 5 years with 0-50% down payment. The company will finance car purchase to Cyprus and other EU citizens, as well as to the citizens of other countries who have a long-term residence permit in Cyprus.

This is the first step made by our company to change luxury car market in Cyprus. The car dealers who understand the benefits from the cooperation with Ta Meri Finance, will gain  significant competitive advantage.

Marian Mokos, Ta Meri Finance Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

Ta Meri Finance Private Limited, registered in Cyprus, is a member of the international TA MERI GROUP, headquartered in Czech Republic. Ta Meri Finance is an international team of finance professionals with more than 15 years of experience in car financing. The company provides all types of car financing in Cyprus.


Luxury Cars Club & Financing (www.luxurycars.com.cy) is a brand of Ta Meri Finance, which was designed to finance new luxury cars priced from 60 thousand euro and up to 450 thousand euro. The brand aims to cooperate with the main official luxury car dealers, which are present in Cyprus.


All clients who have bought new cars with the help of Ta Meri Finance, become Luxury Cars Club members.


F.L.C. Modena Automobile Ltd (https://dealers.maserati.com/dealers/cy/el/modena-automobile/index.html) is a Maserati official Dealer in Cyprus. Revving the engine of the island’s automotive offering, the leading luxury Italian car manufacturer Maserati has launched its first showroom in Limassol in December 2014.




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